+ What is the RAD Expo?

The RAD (Retail and Dispensary) Expo is a national trade show targeting retailers and dispensaries. Unlike the dozens of other general cannabis shows, expos, trade events and conventions, RAD is a business-only show for retailers and their vendors.

+ Who will be there?

We welcome all exhibitors who want to sell products and services to the thousands of new retail stores that are popping up all over country, particularly in the West. (Current predictions call for 500 retailers in Washington State, 100+ in Alaska, 400+ in Oregon and several thousand in California and Nevada).

+ What’s the cost?

The RAD Expo is free to anyone who is a future or current owner, buyer, or employee of a retail operation. Our model is the same as traditional trade shows: Exhibitors pay for booth space, and their customers are admitted free. This encourages foot traffic, and promotes a busy trade floor with lots of qualified buyers.

10x10 booths are priced at $3000 – check out our early bird special!

+ Why hold it in Portland, Oregon?

The Oregon Convention Center is a modern meeting facility close to the airport, interstate and quality hotels. Oregon’s rules allow cannabis retailers to sell everything except guns, alcohol and tobacco. Oregon is opening retail stores at a fast rate, and California will not be far behind. Portland is a great location for a national retail show because it currently sits at the epicenter of the legal marijuana trade, along the west coast of the U.S.

+ What will the floor look like?

Exhibitors will be made up of three main categories: Those who want to help stores get designed and built (lighting, design, architecture, store fixtures, etc.), those who have items that can be sold in the stores (food, drinks, branding companies, clothing, marijuana, seeds, clones, pipes and accessories, etc.) and companies who offer services to retailers (lawyers, banks, marketing consultants, etc.).

+ Are growers welcome?

• Absolutely. There is a separate section of 6x8 booths called the Farmers Market, where cultivators can show off their facilities and the products they grow or plan on producing, while building business relationships. A Farmers Market booth is $1500. *All applicable laws must be followed.

+ Will there be buyers from all the rec states?

Yes! – We welcome all buyers from retailers in the legal rec states as well as medical dispensary owners from across the U.S. and Canada.

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